Savvy data center mangers care about data security. A key part of data security involves hardware asset management and erasure technology. This can involve tracking serial numbers for hundreds of storage devices every year and physically accounting for break-fix replacements. Oftentimes, aggressive launch schedules and complex technical operations overshadow forethought on implementing a solid data center ITAD program. While not complex, a well-defined and disciplined IT Asset Disposition platform and operating plan is essential to closing physical data security breaches within the data center.

The optimal data center hardware life-cycle is contiguous, with feedback loops at every step, to provide you the greatest level of data protection and asset accountability:

  • Pre-production: collaborating with OEM’s to make erasure effective before technology is deployed into live production. This means the ITAD software company and software platform is compatible with your data center hardware specifications. ITRenew collaborates with hardware manufactures every year to ensure compatibility with its platform called Teraware.
  • Deployment: includes asset compatibility testing before implementation, discovery of equipment configurations, capture of serial numbers and identification of at-risk storage devices. Your IT Asset Disposition platform provider should perform this during their initial setup or walk your team through it.
  • In-production data centers: account for the majority of all deployments. Most do not have a closed-loop IT asset tracking and erasure platform, however it’s never too late to implement one. There’s no harm in looking at options and the benefit gains will likely pay for itself, not to mention the recognition and peace of mind that comes from having a physical data security ITAD plan in place. You can contact ITRenew today and request a Teraware demo.
  • Decommission: reconcile variances and monitor job progress, sector-level verify wiped drives and destroyed or secure transport of un-sanitized drives. This is best left to an outsourced provide like ITRenew. Not only will they certify sector level erasure, but they’ll also remove your equipment and ensure remarking at top rates. Most data center providers are surprised to learn how much their decommissioned hardware is worth, and actually enjoy recapitalizing those funds into the next deployment.
  • Recommission: reconcile asset repository, remove company identifiers before remarketing and compliance reporting to close the loop. Contact ITRenew to learn how many companies they do this for today. Their global footprint of recommissioning facilities will ensure your hardware is ready for resell.

Most data center decision makers are choosing to outsource this portion of their operations to specialists. Benefits include enhanced data security, reduced liability and focus-efficiency improvements by internal staff. Whether you decide to outsource or insource, make sure you choose a platform and provider who is NIST complaint and HIPPA or SOX if your company requires it. ITRenew and the Teraware ITAD software platform has more industry certifications than any other provider.