Data Security

100% auditability. Regardless of erasure or destruction.

Security was lagging.
So we reinvented it.

Big data. The cloud. Mobility. They’ve created security challenges at decommission that few dreamed of 10, or even 5, years ago.

The data security solutions created back then — and still in use today — simply were not designed to handle modern IT, forcing you to choose between two inadequate options: destroy valuable hard drives, or, ship dirty assets as securely as possible and hope for the best.

Green all around.

Until now, you had to choose between security and sustainability. But with ITRenew and Teraware, you can have both and reduce your costs, too.

By successfully erasing far more drives, we destroy far less. Preserving value and protecting the environment.

Neither were viable for our customers. Not for their tens-of-millions of drives. Not in their data centers and not across their IT enterprises.

So we rebuilt ITAD data security from the ground up for the new age of IT. And in the process made erasing hard drive data onsite – the most secure and sustainable option for decommissioning IT hardware – not only feasible, but financially and environmentally advantageous.

Closed loop asset and data security.

Our proprietary Teraware software connects with the entire hardware lifecycle, with feedback loops at every step, to provide you the greatest level of data protection and asset accountability.

Reimagined and reinvented.

We changed how onsite erasure works. To make it the most efficient, secure and cost-effective option.

Engineered to Perform

Engineered to Perform

Able to erase any number of drives – at once, in-cabinet or loose, on high-capacity or solid-state. And it is the 1st and only solution forensic-certified to erase SSDs.

Eliminate, Not Just Mitigate

Eliminate, Not Just Mitigate

Our software discovers and reconciles every serialized drive onsite before hardware ever leaves your facility – stopping breaches before they could occur.

Bullet-proof, Audit-proof

Bullet-proof, Audit-proof

We’ve integrated our security processes into the entire hardware lifecycle, providing 100% auditable accountability and IT asset chain-of-custody.

  • Onsite or off, with customized solutions to fit clients’ needs
  • Best-in-class 95+% erasure yield avoids drive destruction
  • Only solution forensic-level certified to erase solid-state drives (SSDs)
  • Onsite with mobile shredding and CoD or offsite
  • Onsite inventory discovery and reconciliation
  • High-security options: dedicated trucks and background-checked drivers, GPS tracking, sealed loads, serialized reconciliation upon receipt
  • Certification of Sanitization documenting sector-level erasure
  • Detailed reports for each job and every drive processed
  • Custom solution design and software development
  • Training to use Teraware in-house by IT
  • Job monitoring and near-time troubleshooting