IT Asset Disposition

A brand new rulebook. For the all-new ballgame.

All ITAD was the same.
Until now.

What happens to an industry when it becomes standardized and dominated by service providers ill-equipped and unmotivated to evolve it?

Old-school ITAD happens. Forcing companies like yours to accept solutions that:

  • Merely mitigate, not eliminate, data breach exposure.
  • Measure sustainability by recycling instead of reuse.
  • Operationalize, rather than optimize, value recovery and service delivery.

You don’t have to settle for those types of solutions anymore. We recognized that traditional IT asset disposition methods didn’t fit the new era of cloud computing, enterprise mobility and high-capacity data storage. So, we threw out the old playbook and brought ITAD up to speed.

Software and
Service as one.

  • Flexible to make customization easy across any type of environment.

  • Battle-tested in real environments, at extreme scale and velocity, to ensure reliability.

  • Automated where it benefits you to drive maximum efficiency.

  • Global consistency, wherever and however you need it.

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Maximum renewal. Maximum value recovery.

We’re all about renewal.
Because disposal is simply too wasteful.

Through our renewal process, we reuse far more – destroy and recycle far less. Ensuring not only the highest level of data security but also the greatest financial return and sustainability.

Ensure erasure compatibility

long before drives are deployed. To deliver a 95+% wipe rate, preserving value and RMA, eliminating costs to destroy and replace drives.

Discover and erase onsite

to account for every serialized IT asset and provide fair market valuations – before equipment ever leaves your facility.

Safely package and track

your assets with strict chain-of-custody to avoid damage or loss in-transit, offering high security logistics if needed.

Reconcile and authenticate

every asset upon arrival — at any one of our ITAD-dedicated facilities — to eliminate redundant erasure with our unique signature capability.

Test and assess value

of each asset to determine the optimal disposition path.



and harvest parts for further reuse and value recovery.

  • Online scheduling, de-install, pick and pack

  • Onsite inventory discovery and reconciliation

  • High-security options: dedicated trucks and background-checked drivers, GPS tracking, sealed loads, serialized reconciliation upon receipt

  • 100% sector-verified data sanitization for any type of drive including SSD

  • Onsite or offsite media destruction

  • Certificates of: Receipt, Sanitization, Destruction and Recycling

  • Asset reconciliation, disposal and revenue share reports

  • Equipment audits and inventory management

  • RMA, trade-in and lease return management

  • Redeployments and charitable donations

  • Sell as whole units or as components to optimize value

  • Expert repair, reconditioning and upgrades

  • Install genuine Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher software

  • Global network with retail and online storefronts