Data Center ITAD Security

Bullet-proof, audit-proof IT asset and data security for the data center.

Data center ITAD security was lagging,
so we reinvented the process.

Cloud-based services, big data analytics, and internet-of-things applications are fueling the explosive growth of data centers. In the wake of a constant demand for greater compute and storage, these advances have created data security challenges at data center decommissioning that few dreamed of ten, or even five years ago.

The ITAD security solutions created back then weren’t designed to handle the burgeoning storage capacities and velocity in today’s enterprise data center. This forced you to choose between two inadequate options: destroy valuable hard drives, or securely ship “dirty” IT assets and hope data isn’t breached.

These legacy ITAD security processes weren’t considered solutions by our customers, the world’s leading cloud companies. They weren’t viable options for decommissioning hundreds-of-thousands of servers and millions of hard drives in their data centers.

So, we rebuilt ITAD security from the ground up for the onsite processing needs of hyperscale data centers. In the process, we made erasing hard drive data onsite–the most secure and sustainable method for decommissioning data center IT hardware—not only feasible, but also financially and environmentally advantageous. Now, our software-driven ITAD security can be scaled to fit any size data center operation or IT decommissioning project with bullet-proof, audit-proof IT asset and data security.

ITAD security: managed by our team or yours.

Our data center ITAD security can be configured and deployed in a variety of ways:

  • Onsite Managed Service. We take on all the work so you can focus on strategic data center initiatives. We can deploy fulltime specialists onsite or dispatch teams as needed. Our managed ITAD security is available on an annual service agreement or project basis.
  • Self-Managed ITAD Security. We provide you with the tools and training to manage ITAD security in-house. This can include a Teraware software licensing agreement, purpose-built Terabot erasure machines, data erasure and IT asset management training, and a host of other professional services.
  • Managed and Self-Managed. We can manage onsite services wherever you need us, and arm your team for everywhere else.

No matter which option you choose, we can operate completely independent of, or in conjunction with, existing service providers.

Data center ITAD security reimagined and reinvented.

Our mission is to help data centers eliminate data security breach risk when IT equipment is being refreshed, decommissioned, consolidated, migrated, or lease returned. We’ve integrated our proprietary data sanitization and IT asset management software, Teraware, into all aspects our data center decommissioning services to deliver the most auditable, efficient, and cost-effective data center ITAD security platform.

Onsite Data Erasure Processing Versus Offsite ITAD Processing

Onsite Processing Versus Offsite

Destroying mass volumes of high-value hard drives that could otherwise be resold or returned for RMA credit is not financially prudent, nor is it good for efforts to reduce data center carbon footprint. Securely shipping cluster racks and break-fix drives is not viable at scale. Instead of creating workarounds that drive up costs, e-waste, and data security risk—like other ITAD service providers did—we solved the problem they simply could not: erasing data onsite.

Eliminate, Not Just Mitigate

Infinitely Scalable Data Erasure

Erasing data onsite with 100% sector verification and Certificate of Sanitization is the best practice in data center ITAD security. However, the erasure process must be scalable, efficient, and reliable. We developed Teraware to erase data center cluster configurations concurrently, over the network, with hard drives in-rack. Our process cuts onsite processing and IT labor by 80% and delivers an ITAD industry-best 95+% data erasure yield.

Bullet-proof, Audit-proof

Serialized IT Asset Accountability

To eliminate data breach risk with auditable certainty, the ITAD security process must begin with 100% IT asset accountability. Teraware discovers detailed host-to-disk relationships between IT racks, servers, and internal hard drives, and then performs 100% serialized reconciliation, automatically flagging any IT inventory list variances. This ensures that every hard drive is sanitized and no data-bearing IT assets leave your facility unprotected.

Closed loop IT asset and data security.

Our proprietary, software-driven data center ITAD security solution connects with the entire IT hardware lifecycle, with feedback loops at every step, to provide you the greatest level of data protection and IT asset accountability possible.

  • Best-in-class 95+% data erasure yield avoids hard drive destruction
  • Only software ADISA certified to erase both SSDs and HDDs beyond forensic recovery
  • Encrypted signature verifies successful data sanitization and eliminates need for redundant erasure at receiving
  • Security clearance and access protocol for company-owned, multi-tenant, and modular data centers
  • Teraware can be deployed over network, via Terabot or from USB drives; download cloud-based software licenses for use anywhere on network
  • Terabot machines are custom-built to optimize onsite data erasure performance; configure with a drive crusher for failed erasures. Options to buy, lease or rent
  • Remote data erasure management by dedicated internal resources from any networked location
  • Systematic discovery of complete IT hardware configuration details including every serialized hard drive and the rack/server/hard drive parent-child relationships
  • Asset reconciliation against decommissioned IT inventory lists automatically flags any variances in hard drive counts and serial numbers
  • Discovery data feeds to ITAM systems
  • Physical onsite IT asset auditing and valuations by ITAD specialists
  • Mobile hard drive and storage media shredding to minimum specification of 1.5” for HDDs and .375” for SSDs
  • Serial number scanning, physical inventory counts, and systematic duplication checks
  • R2-certified e-waste recycling of shredded materials
  • Systematic documentation of host-to-disk relationships, verified at receipt to ensure IT equipment was not tampered with after data sanitization and during transit
  • High-security transport and chain-of-custody options: dedicated trucks and background-checked drivers, GPS tracking, sealed loads, serialized IT asset reconciliation at receipt
  • Certificate of Sanitization documenting sector-level hard drive erasure
  • Certificate of Destruction documenting all non-functional media has been destroyed
  • Asset Reconciliation Report used to locate missing IT assets
  • Summary and Detailed Job Reports document all IT assets processed, disk health issues, and in-rack disk locations of failed erasures
  • Custom software development
  • Training to use Teraware and Terabot in-house by IT staff
  • 24x7 support, real-time job monitoring and troubleshooting