We’re excited to say that ITRenew will once again be a Silver Sponsor of the Gartner IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit to be held September 11-13, 2017, in Nashville, TN. We hope you will visit us in Booth #213, where we’ll be showcasing our newly improved data center decommissioning solution, which Gartner has designated as Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition, Worldwide. On display will be our full suite of ITAD, onsite data sanitization and R2-certified e-waste recycling services, which are used across the globe by more than 200 customers, including several of the largest cloud companies in the world. From Jim Harris, Vice President of Global Sales:

“Managing the unique complexities of data center IT assets is particularly challenging, especially when coupled with securing data throughout the hardware decommissioning and asset disposition process.

This effort often paralyzes onsite staff, drains budgets, and delays strategic initiatives. At Gartner ITAM, we’re excited to demonstrate how our expert ITAD solutions can be customized for your global data center strategy. Our data center offering helps close physical data breach gaps and eliminate the associated financial and reputational risks. Unique to the ITAD industry, our data center solutions can either be self-managed or delivered as a managed service to fit your individual data center environment’s needs.”

At #GartnerITAM, we will help attendees understand the critical differences between traditional ITAD and data center ITAD. Data center and corporate IT, which includes desktop and general office equipment, are seemingly similar from an ITAD perspective in that data-bearing bearing assets reach an end-of-life and must be dispositioned securely. However, the data center environment is distinctly different and presents unique challenges at decommission. Therefore, it’s important that the ITAD vendor be experienced in the entire asset recovery and decommissioning process of the data center, and for every type of data center disposition project. The vendor must be able to:

  • Navigate tight onsite physical security and operate quickly and efficiently within strict timeframes. Otherwise, the ITAD vendor will likely run into significant cost overruns and delays, which will tie up valuable data center floor space and negatively impact uptime.
  • Intimately understand data center asset remarketing, and have established remarketing channels specifically for data center equipment, otherwise IT assets will likely be brokered at a fraction of the potential residual value.

To this educational end, we are also producing a blog series that directly relates to the organizations attending Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit 2017. Our aim is to help companies better understand these inherent ITAD differences, so that they can make an informed decision when selecting a data center decommissioning service provider. The complete Data Center Decommissioning Blog Series is listed in the right column of this page. We welcome you to read the articles that have already been posted, and to check out the “upcoming blogs” that will be releasing each Tuesday.

ITRenew’s ITAD Solutions for Data Center Decommissioning

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we worked in collaboration with leading Bay Area cloud companies to design an ITAD solution from the ground up specifically for the data security and decommissioning needs inside the world’s most hyperscale data centers. We have extensive experience performing ITAD and data erasure services onsite in the most technologically-advanced and access-controlled data centers.

Our experience spans company-owned data centers, colocations, and “data center in a box” modular computing facilities, and all types of ITAD projects including IT refresh, RMA and break-fix management, IT consolidation, migrations, and facility shutdowns. We also have expert knowledge in data center remarketing including the optimal velocity to release product into the secondary market so as not to deflate prices, and when it’s better to sell product as whole units or parts. We’ve developed global, direct-to-end user buyer channels for massive volumes of data center IT equipment which allows us to deliver the highest remarketing returns.

We hope you will join us in Booth 213 to learn what makes us different and how our specialized data center ITAD solution can benefit you. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville.


About #GartnerITAM 2017

In an ever-changing business environment, cost, risk, and speed are competing priorities in assessing risks and opportunities, especially for IT asset disposition strategies. To pull off this complex juggling act, IT finance, IT procurement, IT asset management, and IT vendor management professionals need to ask the right people the right questions at the right time.

At Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit 2017, attendees will discover innovative practices, processes, and methodologies for the acquisition and management of an ever-evolving mix of technologies, services, and vendors. They’ll also see how to collaborate with key IT stakeholders, internally and externally, discover how to mature competencies, transform disciplines, and design a reliable roadmap to innovation, growth, and profitability for IT and the business.

Key benefits to attendees include:

  • Evaluate and negotiate software license agreements and cloud contracts with mega vendors
  • Manage cost optimization in the era of digital business
  • Take technology procurement to the next level to support business innovation
  • Build a proficient vendor management capability
  • Master IT budgeting and financial transparency

View the event agenda here.