Global Data Center ITAD Locations

Locations serving major data center hubs through a global network of company-owned and operated data center ITAD facilities.

Global data center ITAD services.

We built our ITAD solutions to support every type of data center decommissioning need, anywhere in the world you need service.

ITRenew provides one global data center ITAD solution for all your data center decommissioning and ITAD security needs. Our ITAD services include onsite data erasure and media destruction, IT asset remarketing, IT lifecycle management, and R2 certified e-waste recycling services. We can provide our onsite ITAD services wherever you have data centers, regardless if they are dedicated or multi-tenant facilities.

Coupled with our specialized data center technology and expert onsite services team, we can provide you with consistent, quality processes, centralized reporting, and a single line of accountability for all your global data center ITAD requirements.

Our global services are powered by specialized data center technology and support from an expert onsite services team. This allows us to provide your company with a consistent, high-quality ITAD process around the world. You receive centralized reporting, and a single line of accountability for all your global data center ITAD requirements.

ITAD Service at Every Global Data Center Hub

At Every Global Data Center Hub

Our company-owned and operated ITAD services network spans more than 40 countries across five continents. Our managed ITAD service partner network covers the rest of the globe. In addition, we can open new data center ITAD facilities wherever you need them in as few as 6 weeks. We have strategically positioned our global decommissioning support to provide ITAD services every major data center hub worldwide.

ITAD Service for All Business Industry Sectors

For All Business Industries

We developed our onsite data center decommissioning services for leading cloud companies and the top technology companies of Silicon Valley. Today, more than 200 customers utilize our ITAD services globally. These companies span all industries from media and entertainment to Internet business and gaming, retail and e-commerce to manufacturing, finance and insurance to healthcare, among others.

For Any Data Center ITAD Need, Fully Managed Service or Self-Service

Any Data Center ITAD Need, Full or Self-Service

Our data center ITAD services are engineered to support any scale and every type of decommissioning project including IT refreshes, RMA and break-fix management, IT lease return, IT consolidations, and data center migrations and facility shutdowns. We can provide ITAD support as a fully managed onsite service, or with tools and training for self-service, in company-owned, colocation, and modular data centers.