Do you sometimes feel ITAD (the process of decommissioning IT assets) has become a little stale, void of innovation and creative thought? Do you ever feel you may not be getting the full value you deserve, or that your program may be draining more and more IT resources, but you can’t really pinpoint why? Do you want a change—not merely for the sake of change, but for efficiency, security and a greater return?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, what we’ll be discussing over the next few weeks should be of great interest to you.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Aidin Aghamiri, and I’m the VP of Corporate Strategy at ITRenew, which means I get to do what I really love: come up with cool and innovative ways to serve customers better, and then make sure we have the people in place to bring our dreams to reality. I’ve proudly watched our once-small company of a dozen people, working out of an 8,000-square-foot facility, mature and evolve into one of the leading companies in our industry, with broad global presence providing never-before-available services to the largest data-centric enterprises in the world.

When it comes to things that have slowly become industry standards (certifications, logistics, customer portal, reporting) we share some characteristics with other Tier 1 ITAD companies. But that’s where the similarities end. We’ve built what we think of as a Silicon Valley think tank, developing new solutions and methodologies to offer something truly innovative to the marketplace. We were born and raised in the data center world, and understand the enormous pressures these operators are under to continuously maintain uptime even in the face of ever-mounting demands for cloud computing and data access.

Today, we are a Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition Visionary serving the five largest hyperscale cloud companies in the world. Why? Because we provide a crucial “Total value Return” to our customers, a new concept in our industry, and one driven by our focus on delivering a holistic return on clients’ investments.

Total Return is a term used in the financial space for measuring how an investment has actually performed. It has similar purpose in ITAD. Selecting a data center decommission project based on bid price, for example, would be like choosing stocks based on share price, without taking into account interest, dividends and increases in share price among other capital gains.

Total Return is built upon our core operating philosophy: that the success of every disposition project—whether it entails decommission, refresh, consolidation, lease return or RMA—should be measured by performance, not just price.

Total Return is not just about financial gain, as important as that is. It’s about how you, the customer, derives value from key areas that matter most to your organization: operational efficiency, security, environmental factors and, yes, the bottom line.

It challenges the status quo of conventional ITAD, and drives a retroactive assessment of performance across these key areas. For example:

  • Do I have the proper data sanitization tools, but also how often did those tools fail to erase, why and what were the outcomes from those failures?
  • Am I getting a fair bid for my project, but also how much of my equipment was actually sold, for what price and what was my net return after expenses?
  • What are my service fees, but also what were my opportunity costs in terms of time, labor, floor space and budget allocation?

At ITRenew, we’re bullish about our ability to deliver a superior Total Return. So much so, we guarantee it. What fuels this? It all starts with Teraware, our proprietary data sanitization platform. Teraware not only delivers significantly higher data-wiping yields, but is considerably faster, far more operationally-efficient and completely scalable to match the growing needs of even the largest cloud infrastructures. And it reliably performs on any manufacture, size or type of drive, including solid state. All of which drives Total Return.

In addition to Teraware, ITRenew has developed deep expertise in the data center decommissioning space. While most legacy ITAD companies built their programs around corporate IT equipment, we were building and fine-tuning our offering for data centers. So when it comes to industry know-how, understanding the complexities and challenges data center operators face, remarketing channels for high-volume high-value assets, and large-capacity data security, our expertise is unmatched. All of which drives Total Return.

Finally, as a privately owned company, ITRenew is in a unique position in terms of being accountable to no one but our customers. Without any external pressures to compromise the quality of our service, we can put all our efforts into what really counts—delivering true Total Return to you.

While success can be measured in many ways, and every company has its own favorite metrics, it’s essential—just like with financial investments—to measure actual performance. To help you understand what you should measure and how you can improve Total Return in data center disposition, we’re producing a five-part blog series in the coming weeks. We hope you’ll return to this space—or better yet subscribe to our blog for automated alerts on newly posted material—as we continue to provide valuable information and insight on our Total Return program and how it can benefit your organization.

You can learn more by visiting our Total Return page and reading this case study to see how we delivered a $14+ million annual Total Return to one of the world’s largest cloud providers. Then contact us to receive a free Total Return appraisal for your next data center disposition project.

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