Total Return ROI Case Study

Learn how we enabled a $14+ million annual total return net gain from ITRenew’s software-driven onsite data center ITAD service.

Data Center Decommissioning Case Study

The Situation

  • Data hosting company built one of the largest data center cloud infrastructures in the world to support its 200+ hosted solutions, 1B+ online customers
  • Company had 1M+ servers distributed across 100 global data centers

The Challenge

  • Existing data center decommissioning process was slow, couldn’t scale and didn’t support SSD or high-capacity drive data erasure
  • Data center ITAD process created security risk and forced the company to shred over 50% of its hard drives

The Challenge

  • Customer commissioned a 2-phase pilot to test ITRenew’s break/fix and mass data center decommissioning capabilities
  • We custom-engineered a software/hardware solution utilizing ITRenew Teraware data sanitization and asset management software
  • Increase in reusable IT asset yield from successful data erasure 90%
  • Reduction in onsite data center IT labor hours 80%
  • Reduction in onsite hard drive shredding costs 75%
  • Increase in total net return from onsite data center ITAD services 150%

The Total Return ROI on Data Center ITAD was Amazing

Learn how we helped generate $4.8 million of additional remarketing revenue and free up 6,400 IT labor hours per year, while recovering 60% of the drives that previously failed to erase using another “industry-leading” tool.


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