Data Center ITAD Total Return

A proprietary ROI methodology to measure data center decommissioning performance and opportunity cost.

Measure data center decommissioning performance, not just SLA conformance.

Our approach to onsite data center decommissioning and ITAD security isn’t standard, and neither is the way we measure its success. Total Return is ITRenew’s proprietary, performance-based ROI methodology for data center ITAD. It allows cloud-centric companies to computationally assess their IT decommissioning, data security, and hardware value recovery results based on the comprehensive, dollarized value gained or lost from data center ITAD activity.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are useful for monitoring an ITAD vendor’s conformance with important service delivery metrics. However, they fall short of measuring actual ITAD program performance. We believe that more than SLA metrics are needed to measure the true value you are receiving from your data center decommissioning projects, including the net return for your decommissioned IT assets.


No risk ITAD assessment.
Guaranteed ROI results.

We’re so confident Total Return delivers the greatest ROI that we guarantee it. Contact Us to receive an appraisal of your data center ITAD performance using the ITRenew’s Total Return ROI Calculator.

Need proof?
Download this case study to learn how we’re generating over $14 million a year in Total Return ROI savings for one customer.

Total Return challenges the status quo for data center ITAD ROI and the conventional ways of looking at data center decommissioning performance.

Going beyond basic SLA metrics, Total Return is used to systematically determine whether your data center decommissioning program is delivering actual value. It measures ROI impact in the areas that matter most to your data centers: data security, operational efficiency, environmental responsibility, and financial accountability.

Is my sensitive data secure? value arrow At what cost, and can data security be achieved more efficiently, with improved sustainability and better ROI?
Am I getting fair market value return for my decommissioned IT? value arrow How much of my data center hardware was actually sold, and what are my net remarketing proceeds?
What are my data security and ITAD service costs? value arrow What are the opportunity costs in terms of data center floor space and IT labor productivity, revenue generation, and budget utilization?

What is ITRenew Total Return?

Total Return provides a dollarized measurement for the unique ways that ITRenew is changing the entire ROI value equation in data center decommissioning. ITRenew Total Return ROI methodology is about:

  • Eradicating the physical data security risks at hardware decommission and the associated financial and reputational liabilities of data security breach.
  • Optimizing CAPEX + OPEX opportunity to achieve the greatest rate of return on data center floor space, IT resources, and decommissioned IT hardware.
  • Eliminating cost overruns and delays from data center hardware refresh and IT consolidation projects.
  • Significantly improving IT sustainability and supporting green data center initiatives.

In the end, ITRenew Total Return is really about data center opportunity cost. It’s about helping companies gain efficiencies so that valuable data center IT resources and budget can be redirected to support mission critical initiatives. And while doing so, turning a necessary IT asset disposition and data security expense into a positive ROI investment.