Scuba and ITAD: When Industry Certifications Matter

In 1860, Jacque-Yves Cousteau invented the Aqua-Lung, an apparatus that would eventually evolve into modern scuba diving equipment. By the 1950s, there was enough commercial interest in the device that there came a demand for experts to help instruct and inform the public in safe diving. The technology was still very new however, and was constantly being updated, so no government or official certifying agency existed to codify the training. As a result, leaders in the industry formed organizations such as The National Diving Patrol, which led efforts to do just that. Today, scuba certifications are still handled by private organizations like PADI and NAUI. It might be surprising, but something very similar occurred in the data center infrastructure management.

For data center infrastructure management, the top organization for certifications is ADISA, the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance.

“The ADISA audit process is multi-layered including full audits, unannounced operational audits and forensic audits. This approach ensures ADISA Certified companies are constantly being kept on their toes. With companies suspended and others removed from the program, the certification is something companies work hard to achieve and even harder to maintain.”

ADISA’s ITAD certifications are managed by asset disposal experts that have been involved in all aspects of data policy, and have watched the industry grow and mature for more than 15 years. Just like scuba, ADISA manages its own academy, to help train “professionals involved in the process of ICT Asset Retirement or Recovery.”

Whether it’s underwater or in the data center, industry certifications matter because they’re created by professionals that know their field.

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