IT asset disposition.
Reinvented for
the data center.

We built the ITAD and data security solutions you would have asked for, if anyone had ever bothered asking you.

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❯❯ Our Solutions

IT asset disposition.
Reinvented for
the data center.

Creating the ITAD and data security solutions you would have asked for, if anyone had ever bothered asking you.

Read Our Case Study

❯❯ Our Solutions

Our ITAD Solutions

We’ve created the most scalable, efficient and secure solutions for data center and corporate IT assets that are ready to be decommissioned and recommissioned.

Data Center Decommissioning

Data Center Decommissioning

Built from the ground up for the world’s largest, most advanced data centers, now scaled to fit your decommissioning needs. From tech refresh to data center consolidation, break-fix and RMA, to facility shutdown.

Enterprise IT Asset Disposition

Enterprise IT Asset Disposition

Run ITAD how you want, not how your vendor offers it. From onsite data sanitization to secure IT asset recovery, remarketing to e-waste recycling and IT lifecycle management services. Completely customizable or out-of-the-box.

Teraware Data Erasure

Teraware Data Erasure

IT asset management and data sanitization software that is infinitely scalable and compliant with today’s leading standards. Teraware is certified to forensically erase solid-state drives (SSDs) and has an industry-best 95+% success rate.

Terabot DIY Data Erasure

Terabot DIY Data Erasure

Powered by Teraware, ITRenew Terabot data erasure machines are optimized for your environment. Terabots are used to erase entire data center racks or loose RMA hard drives onsite – by your team or with help from ours.

Total Return

It comes down to the performance
of your ITAD process.

We don’t settle for average results.
We don’t stop at SLAs.
We deliver Total Return.
Even better, it’s guaranteed.

How do we measure Total Return at data center decommission?

  • arrow-rightWipe rates and reusable yield
  • arrow-rightNet remarketing proceeds
  • arrow-rightTime, IT labor and expense
  • arrow-rightRevenue gain and loss
  • arrow-rightData center opportunity costs
Global Reach

Our global network of company-owned and operated facilities spans 40+ countries across 5 continents. And we can quickly expand where you need us. In as few as 6 weeks, we can launch high-security ITAD facilities within high-velocity global transit regions — that are 100% dedicated to IT asset disposition and data sanitization.


Responsible Practices

“ITRenew is committed to continual improvement of quality, prevention of injury and ill health, protection of the environment and prevention of pollution by: complying with all applicable legal requirements, setting objectives and targets, meeting customer requirements and continually reviewing our management systems to ensure their suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.”

Mostafa Aghamiri

President & CEO


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Rewriting the script
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data erasure.
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Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley,
ITRenew supports the onsite data erasure, ITAD and data center decommissioning needs of some of the most large-scale, data-rich, privacy-obsessed organizations on the planet. Our technology-driven approach to IT asset disposition streamlines traditional ITAD processes to deliver superior data security, value recovery and IT sustainability.

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