Data Center Decommissioning

IT Asset Disposition.
Reinvented for
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Traditional ITAD wasn’t built for the real-world needs of the enterprise data center. So, we rebuilt it.

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Data Center ITAD Solutions

Our software-driven data center decommissioning and onsite erasure solutions eliminate data security breach risk and production downtime from IT refresh activity to keep your data centers running at peak performance.

Onsite Data Center IT Decommissioning Services

Data Center Decommissioning

Our decommissioning solution was engineered for the most technologically advanced and access-controlled data centers on the planet, yet is scalable to fit any deployment size. With onsite service management, we streamline the ITAD process to eliminate refresh delays and cut IT labor expense. Our expert asset remarketing and Total Return methodology ensure you’ll never pay an ITAD invoice again.

Data Center ITAD Security, Onsite Data Erasure and IT Asset Management

Data Center Onsite ITAD Security

Our proprietary data sanitization and IT asset management software is fully integrated into our onsite data center decommissioning service delivery. This software-driven platform allows us to eliminate security risk onsite—before data breaches can occur. We deliver you 100% auditable accountability for every serialized IT asset and every fragment of data, with a certificate of indemnification.

Teraware Data Erasure and IT Asset Management Software

Teraware Data Erasure Software

We developed Teraware to solve the problem other ITAD service providers could not: erasing data onsite in the data center efficiently and reliably. Teraware can erase entire cluster racks or any number of loose hard drives concurrently, over-network, and with an ITAD industry-best 95+% data erasure success rate. This reduces onsite IT asset processing time and increases resalable IT hardware yield by 80%.

Terabot DIY Data Erasure Machines

Terabot DIY Data Erasure Machines

Terabots are do-it-yourself erasure machines that are purpose-built to optimize onsite data erasure performance. Use Terabots to erase loose RMA hard drives or data center racks over-network with remote management capability. Configure your Terabot with a crushing system so that failed hard drives can be physically destroyed on the spot, with a serialized Certificate of Destruction for closed-loop accountability.

Data Center ITAD Total Return ROI

Total Return is a comprehensive ROI methodology for measuring data center ITAD performance.

We don’t settle for average ROI.
We don’t stop at SLAs.
We deliver Total Return results.
Even better: the ROI is guaranteed.

How do we measure Total Return ROI at data center decommissioning?

  • arrow-rightData erasure and reusable IT asset yields
  • arrow-rightNet return on IT remarketing proceeds
  • arrow-rightTime, IT labor, and ITAD cost savings
  • arrow-rightRevenue and productivity gains
  • arrow-rightData center opportunity cost

Global Data Center ITAD Locations

Our global network of company-owned and operated facilities spans 40+ countries across 5 continents.

Plus, we can quickly expand where you need us. In as few as 6 weeks, we can launch high-security facilities within high-velocity transit regions. All 100% dedicated to data center decommissioning services.

Responsible Data Center ITAD Practices

ITRenew is committed to continual improvement of quality, prevention of injury, and ill health, protection of the environment, and prevention of pollution. We ensure this by complying with all applicable legal requirements, setting objectives and targets, meeting customer requirements. We are continually reviewing our management systems to ensure their suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

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