Data Center Decommissioning

Safeguarding your brand. Empowering your data center.

Data center had no real ITAD solution.
Until we built one.

Before ITRenew, there were no real solutions for data center decommissioning. Nothing to scale for dispositioning entire data centers, millions of servers or just a precious few RMA drives. Or for erasing mountains of data – onsite, from every type and capacity of data center storage.

Only generic ITAD solutions developed decades ago for corporate IT – not for the modern data center.

So, you were left to shred valuable hard drives in the name of data security. And accept far less than fair market return for your data center IT equipment.

But now, with our full suite of data center decommissioning services, you can eliminate security risk, at the source. Erasing data onsite, with previously unimaginable efficiency and reusable yield, and accounting for every IT asset – before data breach can occur. And you can recover maximum residual value, with minimum e-waste. All with bullet-proof auditability.

No matter how big your data center, or how complex your IT data center decommissioning needs.

Specialized ITAD.

Our decommissioning solution was built from the ground up for the data center. In collaboration with, and battle-tested by, leading cloud companies – in the most demanding environments the IT world has ever known.

Want proof?

Learn how we helped a customer with one of the largest data center enterprises add more than $14 million to their bottom line.

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A different kind of ITAD for data center decommissioning.

ITRenew is the only ITAD company started in – and focused on – the data center. The only to develop its own enterprise-grade data sanitization and asset management software, and to integrate it into all aspects of its service delivery. So, we can help you in ways other providers simply cannot.

Eliminate Risk

Eliminate Risk

Don’t just mitigate security risks, eliminate data breach exposure altogether by erasing data onsite – efficiently, in-cabinet, with 100% sector-level verification and Certificate of Sanitization. And by accounting for every serialized hard drive before any equipment ever leaves your data center. Providing 100% auditable certainty.

Maximize Return

Maximize Return

Delivering you greater return on your equipment starts with our industry-best 95+% erasure success rate – even with solid-state hard drives. And it continues through our remarketing expertise, our global marketplace of specialized buyers and our ability to control the resale market with our huge volumes of data center IT equipment.

Limitless Scalability

Scale to Fit

While our solution was created for the hyperscale, it can be optimized for any size need, any budget or any requirement. From the largest cloud infrastructures to the smallest data centers. In company-owned or colo facilities. For millions of IT assets or just a precious few. With enterprise support or for a one-time project.

Flexible, accountable ITAD for data center decommissioning.

Whether you are refreshing, retiring, returning or migrating some or all of your data center IT equipment, we can meet your needs with ultra-high security and optimal value recovery, while saving you from costly downtime and unnecessary expense.

  • IT asset audit and serialized reconciliation

  • Data sanitization with digital signature verifying erasure and host-to-disk relationships

  • Hard drive shredding

  • Fair market valuation of data center assets

  • Online scheduling, de-install, pick and pack

  • High-security options: dedicated trucks and background-checked drivers, GPS tracking, sealed loads, serialized reconciliation upon receipt

  • 100% sector-verified data sanitization for any type of drive

  • Teraware is only software ADISA certified to forensically erase SSDs

  • Sell data center assets in whole or as components to optimize value

  • Expert repair, reconditioning and upgrades

  • White label remarketing program

  • Global network with online and retail storefronts, localized remarketers

  • RMA, trade-in and lease return management

  • Redeployments and charitable IT donations

  • Used hardware sales and configuration services

  • Certificates of: Receipt, Sanitization, Destruction and Recycling

  • Asset reconciliation, disposal and revenue share reports