Eliminate the risk of physical data security breaches in your data centers

Eliminate the risk of physical data security breaches in your data centers.

The average U.S. company invests $15 million a year to lock down their network from cyber attack. Yet, InfoSec policies commonly overlook the physical data security gaps in IT asset break-fix and decommissioning processes that can put your data center at risk of data breach.

At ITRenew, we close these gaps with the only onsite data security solution developed specifically for the data center. At the heart of our solution is Teraware: the #1 data sanitization and IT asset management platform. With Teraware integrated into our data center decommissioning services, we ensure:

  • Every fragment of data is verifiably erased.
  • Every storage device is accounted for onsite.
  • Data is removed from decommissioned IT equipment before it ever leaves your data center.
  • A Certificate of Sanitization for every serialized hard drive for indemnification.
Is Data Liability a Ticking Bomb in Your Data Center?

For companies without a data center information-asset management strategy, data liability can be a ticking time bomb toward a physical data breach.


Data erasure built for the data center.

Verifiably erasing data onsite is the only 100% auditable method to completely eliminate data breach risk during technology change events. Without the proper tools, the sanitization process can be highly time-consuming in data centers, creating hardware refresh backlogs. As a solution, ITRenew developed Teraware in close collaboration with the world’s leading cloud companies to erase mass storage data center equipment efficiently and reliably.

Scalable data sanitization

Scalable sanitization

Teraware optimizes network bandwidth and cuts erasure processing time by 80%. It can erase entire server racks without removing hard drives, or hundreds of loose RMA drives, concurrently.

Data erasure success

Erasure success

Teraware communicates differently with hard drives through strategic algorithms and proprietary error-handling methods. The result is an unheard of 99% success rate on mass decommissioning erasure jobs.

Managed services or for self-serve

Managed or self-serve

Our data erasure specialists are available on a project basis and as full-time onsite resources. Or, we we provide your team the tools, training, and expert support to manage erasure processing internally.

The path to improved data center life cycle productivity.

We custom-configure onsite services to optimize erasure performance and processing efficiencies for the unique requirements of each data center environment. These custom data center solutions provide huge benefits, beyond bullet-proof IT asset and data security that eliminates the financial and reputational liabilities of a data breach.

On-time IT refresh

On-time IT refresh

  • Reduce onsite processing time by 80%
  • Automate and streamline asset tracking, chain-of-custody, and data erasure
  • Eliminate delays, cost overruns, and downtime from IT refresh projects
CAPEX optimization

CAPEX optimization

  • Reduce the high costs and value loss from hard drive shredding
  • Increase resalable hardware yield and value recovery from decommissioned inventory
  • Eliminate the loss of financial credit or replacement of RMA-eligible failed hard drives
OPEX optimization

OPEX optimization

  • Reduce IT labor expense and free up valuable resources to focus on critical IT initiatives
  • Eliminate asset disposition expenses to maximize IT budgets
  • Increase data center floor space utilization and revenue generation