Terabot Data Erasing Machines

Onsite DIY data erasure hardware solutions that put you in control of data security during data center decommissioning.

Erasing data was out of your hands. So, we put you back in control.

Most data centers have piles of loose hard drives and unused IT equipment stowed away in cages, just waiting to be dealt with. These IT assets put sensitive data at risk of security breach. And they lose remarketing value and tie up valuable data center space every day they sit idle.

When it comes to erasing data from failed hard drives or IT equipment set for decommissioning, data centers have had little choice but to:

  • Depend on ITAD vendors to come onsite to erase data, or put your data at risk in transit.
  • Labor through inefficient data erasure with disappointingly-low reliability.
  • Destroy drives at great expense to your bottom line and green data center initiatives.

But no more. ITRenew’s Terabot™ gives you the power to efficiently and reliably erase data onsite at the data center. Your team can erase hundreds or even thousands of loose hard drives concurrently. Or entire data center cluster racks at a time, over a network for unlimited scalability and peak data erasure performance.

Terabot is powered by ITRenew’s Teraware: the #1 enterprise-grade data sanitization software. This software-hardware DIY data erasure platform provides complete control over your data erasure process and 100% verification of every fragment of erased data.

Terabot data erasure hardware powered by Teraware software

Teraware is the data erasure software at the heart of every Terabot machine.

  • ITAD industry-best 95+% erasure success rate, compared to 50-60% with other solutions.
  • Enterprise-grade platform used to erase 4+ million hard drives a year.
  • The only software ADISA certified to erase SSDs and HDDs beyond forensic recovery.
  • Simple workflow makes it so easy to use that training is optional.
  • Remote data erasure management provides centralized control from any networked location.
  • IT asset management capabilities to discover and reconcile serialized inventory onsite.
  • Compliant with all leading data erasure standards.
ITRenew's line of Terabot DIY data erasing machines.

Terabots are purpose-built to optimize onsite data erasure for your specific environment. Machines are custom-configured based on the type, size, storage capacity, and volume of hard drives deployed in your data centers. You can use Terabot standalone or over a private network, straight out of the crate.

Break-Fix Terabot Data Erasing Machine


Built to erase failed hard drives that have been pulled from production, this Terabot eliminates stockpiling and missing out on hard drive RMA replacement or credit. Terabot can be configured to erase a few or mass quantities of hard drives. Build yours with a crushing system to immediately destroy drives that cannot be erased, with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) for closed-loop auditability.

Mass Decommission Terabot Data Erasing Machine


Perfect for hyperscale data centers and high-volume IT campuses, this powerful data erasure hardware connects to a private network for unlimited scalability. Terabot can discover any number of networked devices and erase entire cluster racks, without removing drives from the server case. Use Terabot to erase thousands of hard drives in the same time it takes other erasure solutions to wipe just one.

All-In-One Terabot Data Erasing Machine


A mobile, ultra-flexible data erasing machine that can adapt to any data center application and every data erasure need. This universal Terabot can be configured in a half rack or full rack server with heavy duty caster wheel mobility. It can be beefed up for networked data erasure or scaled down for more basic use. Use Terabot to erase nearly any type of IT device, whenever and wherever you need.

The process to select, optimize, and use your ITRenew Terabot.

ITRenew Terabots are engineered to scale for any data center application. Use Terabots by internal IT resources to erase data onsite when decommissioning data center servers or for daily break-fix management activity. With DIY data erasure that’s so easy-to-use that user training is optional.

Auditable IT Asset and Data Security

Auditable IT Asset & Data Security

Erase every fragment of hard drive data with 100% sector verification, a Certificate of Sanitization, and encrypted digital signature for auditable proof. Terabots also discover and reconcile every serialized hard drive so that none are missed in the data erasure process. If hard drives cannot be erased, Terabots can destroy them on the spot with a Certificate of Destruction for closed-loop accountability.

Optimized ITAD Savings

Optimized ITAD Savings

Terabots erase hard drives simultaneously with a 95+% success rate, avoiding the expense to destroy drives and cutting onsite labor costs by 80%. By successfully erasing data, you can also resell, reuse, or return more drives for RMA credit. You can cut labor and ITAD costs further by managing erasure jobs remotely. Plus, our unique erasure signature eliminates the cost of redundant wiping at asset reception and you’re only charged for a Terabot license when erasure succeeds.

Ultimate Data Erasure Flexibility

Ultimate Data Erasure Flexibility

Get your own Terabot configured to your specific requirements, and optimized for your specific environment. Use Terabots onsite by IT resources or manage data erasure remotely from any networked location. Your Terabots can be purchased, leased, or rented to support any size project or day-to-day erasure without the need for capital investment. Plus, you can purchase any number of erasure licenses and easily download more on demand, wherever they are needed.