Teraware Data Sanitization

Data center hard drive erasure software.

Data erasure was failing.
So we reengineered the way it works.

ITAD service providers continue to re-license data sanitization software that was developed:

  • By third-parties in sterile labs with limited testing ability, not by ITAD companies that are in the field processing every possible type and age of technology.
  • For erasing traditional corporate IT, not for data center IT assets and mass storage.
  • To be used offsite, not to erase data onsite in the most hyperscale cloud environments in the world.

The result? Incompatible data sanitization that fails as often as it succeeds, creating security risk and destroying resale and RMA value.

At ITRenew, we don’t just process data center IT assets and we don’t just develop software. We do both. Teraware is our proprietary data sanitization platform that we have integrated into all aspects of our data center decommissioning service. Teraware benefits from erasing more than four million hard drives a year, of all different types, sizes, and brands. And your data center benefits from the enhanced security, flexibility, efficiency, and scale that comes from an integrated software-driven ITAD service solution.


Teraware provides:

100% sector-level hard drive erasure verification
95+% data wipe success rate
80% reduction in IT labor
100k hard drives erased in 4 hours
4M+ data erasures per year
1st forensic certified software to erase SSDs
100% auditable certainty

Data sanitization reinvented for the data center.

Teraware was built from the ground up for the most hyperscale data centers on the planet. It was developed in collaboration with leading cloud companies to solve the problems other erasure solutions could not.

Optimal Data Erasure Success

Optimal Data Erasure Success

We reinvented the way our software communicates with server hard drives to achieve an ITAD industry-best 95+% data erasure success rate, compared to only 50-60% from other so-called leading solutions.

Perpetual Server Compatibility

Perpetual Server Compatibility

We work with leading data storage OEMs from the earliest stages of hard drive design to ensure Teraware can handle anything they build. And we certify compatibility on the broadest range of data storage technology.

Unlimited Data Erasure Scalability

Unlimited Erasure Scalability

With unique agent technology, Teraware optimizes network bandwidth when communicating with hardware. So, whether you are erasing one 2TB hard drive or 3,000, it takes the same amount of time.

Data sanitization. And so much more.

With our software-driven approach, we go beyond pure erasure to plug gaps in traditional ITAD processes. Learn how Teraware provides 100% auditable certainty through our simple workflow.

Teraware solutions are available in a variety of ways that work best for your IT asset volume and type. Our software can be used to erase data center equipment onsite or offsite, while hard drives remain in-cabinet or when they have been removed. And Teraware can be operated from a central location or any number of remote locations by trained technicians.

Over the network data erasure

Over-network data erasure

Run Teraware erasure jobs directly over your network on a private domain. Network-enabled data sanitization provides infinite scalability, allowing you to erase as many as 100,000 hard drives in as few as four hours.

Terabot DIY data erasure depots

Terabot erasure depots

Use Terabot for do-it-yourself data erasure from a purpose-built hardware and software solution that can connect to your network or be run standalone. Terabot is adaptable to high asset volumes, for loose hard drive data erasure, and mobile-device processing.

Erase from USB drives

Erase from USB drives

Teraware USB-based solutions can be used to erase devices not discoverable through a network or for smaller volume data sanitization jobs. Teraware USB is designed for single-application use, from a single laptop to an entire rack at a time.

  • Custom data erasure solution design and software training
  • 24x7 support, data sanitization job monitoring, and live troubleshooting
  • Onsite data sanitization and hard drive destruction services
  • Secure transportation and offsite data sanitization
  • Certified to and compliant with leading data erasure standards including ADISA, U.S. DoD 5220.22-M, NIST SP 800-88, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA

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